About Us

The training qualifications of theCCWMIAMI.COM cadre is what sets us apart from other instructors. We hold current NRA Law Enforcement Instructor's certification in Handgun & Shotgun. Our certification course was taught with the NRA's new and updated curriculum which is superior to any previous instructor courses taught by the NRA. We are avid students of the shooting arts and regularly attend continual education training courses taught by the leading authorities in the defensive shooting community. The CCWMIAMI.COM firearmsInstructor team members are active competitors in the shooting sports which members having achieved EXPERT classification in the International Defensive Pistol Association's Stock Service Pistol Division.

The CCWMIAMI.COM. firearms Instructor team'sapproach to teaching has been to select and refine the most effective techniques from his numerous trainings and extensive experience and combine them into a realistic and efficient firearms training program.  We do not subscribe to a specific doctrine or mentality, having trained with the best instructors in the business gives us the ability to take what techniques are best from each source and incorporate them into our own "toolbox".  We then pass this information on to you, in fact we usually show you several different ways to do a certain technique or tactic and we leave it up to you to decide what is best foryour particular situation or capability.

A technique taught by an instructor should meet the following criteria:



  1. Does it work? Self explanatory, is this technique effective and does it meet its intended purpose?

  2. Is it proven? Have others used it sucessfuly in combat or in life-threatening defensive situations?

  3. Can I duplicate it under stress? It's one thing to do it on a static range or a controlled environment, but what about when you are in danger? You are scared, the adrenaline is pumping, tunnel-vision is setting in, you may be tired, & breathing hard it may be dark, you may be already hurt, sweating or bleeding, there are people yelling around you, guns firing, dogs barking, babies crying, sirens coming...in utter caos, you get the picture!!  Do I think it's possible for me to do this technique?

These are some of the issues we consider when we prepare to teach our students; techniques involving "fine motor skills" are pretty, they look cool in the movies and may drive up your ego a bit, but ask yourself, "Can I do this under stress?".  Our curriculum is based on "gross motor skills" that rely on muscle memory and limit the amount of motion, though process and hesitation that goes into effectively performing them under stress.  Our idea is to find what works best for YOU in YOUR situation and not confuse you with old, outdated, non-proven and flat out dangerous information & techniques that could potentially be harmful to you or your loved ones.

We believe that fundamentals are the cornerstone of survival and everything is built on basics. There are no advanced techniques. The so-called 'advanced' shooter merely executes the basics a bit better or quicker and if any shooter wants to improve his shooting, he does so only by understanding the basics at a deeper level.



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