Why Choose Us?

Well, we love to shoot! this is what we do, this is what we love!   We strongly believe in the right for every law-abiding citizen to own and be able to legally carry concealed weapons or firearms and we take great pride in showing you how to legally obtain your Florida CCW license and we enjoy teaching others the "martial art" of marksmanship & gun handling.

Now then, all of our instructors have graduated from the NRA LAW ENFORCEMENT Handgun/Shotgun Instructor course, this is an intensive 40+ hour Instructor Development School taught at a law enforcement facility by experienced NRA Trainers.  Most folks that teach permit courses in Miami & South Florida are NRA Certified Instructors (First Step, Basic Pistol, Personal Protection, etc) but are NOT NRA LAW ENFORCEMENT certified instructors.  There is a big difference with regards to the training qualifications & mandatory continued education requisites between the two.

Furthermore, members of our instructor team have attended and completed multiple firearms and tactical courses with the BEST instructors in the business.  Our instructors have graduated from world-renowned schools such as Randy Cain's Cumberland Tactics, Jeff Gonzales'Trident Concepts, Scott Reitz's ITTS Tactical,Louis Awerbuck's Yapavail Valley Firearms Academy, Frank Garcia's Universal Shooting Academy, Nelson Marchand's Eagle Tactics, Steve Tarani's Operational Skills Tactics, Nir Naaman's Israeli Counter-Terrorism Seminar, Wackenhut Nuclear Security School, and many more.


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